Wii Emulator For Android

Wii Emulator for Android

Android phones have incredible abilities. They can emulate many game systems if you don’t like an Android games. Most of the people knows about the NES or GBA emulators, but did someone noticed that there is a working Nintendo Wii Emulator For Android? I don’t think so. So here we’ve got it! Project is still alive because we took it over. There was a port named Androlphin and we changed it to the Wiioid. So be ready to play a Super Mario, Zelda and the Pokemon games on your Android smartphone! With the EmuZone nothing is impossible!

YAMAHA SUPERCROSS0005 screenshot1 300x225 Wii Emulator For Android

Wii Emulator For Android Details

- Code Name: Wiioid v. 1.01
– Saving game in every moment
– Auto-Updated : YES
– Supports Systems : Android 2.3 or higher
– Does it support all gamepads or Xperia play built in gamepad? : YES / Supports ALL gamepads

wiioid Wii Emulator For Android

Wii Emulator For Android Requirements

- 1,2GHz CPU
– Video acceleration: shared kernel driver with associated X driver; OpenGL, ES/EGL
– Storage: 140MB for an APP fILES
– HDMI: video-out with secondary framebuffer device
– USB host mode
– 512 MB RAM

21910 MarioKartWii 061 300x164 Wii Emulator For Android

How To Use Wii Emulator For Android

1. Download required files from our site.
2. Send It to the phone via USB/Bluetooth. Any other method.
3. Just Install it by opening it in your file manager programme.
4. Open the „Wiioid” icon, You’ll be taken to the „Select Rom” Section. Just load the games here. Our tool supports only ISOs and zips.
5. Have fun playing Wii games!
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green color download button Wii Emulator For Androidgreen color download button Wii Emulator For Android

2 comments to Wii Emulator For Android

  • Melo  says:

    You must have very strong smartphone!

  • arozy  says:

    disappointed , i must buy EXPENSIVE android with latest os and high processor. maybe on new android KITKAT os.

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