Dreamcast Emulator For Android


Dreamcast Emulator for Android

Hey, we are currently new to this business, but you can trust us and many people did this before! We are offering the high-tech emulators onb every system and device. Sounds fun, huh? And it really is. Imagine how many people wants to play their favourite games and they don’t have any compatible device. But we have remedy for that! People from our group have experience from the projects Visual Boy Advance, FPSe and you may be sure that the Dreamcast Emulator for Android is well made. So You can now click the „download” button and play your favourite game!

Sonic Adventure 11 300x225 Dreamcast Emulator For Android

Dreamcast Emulator For Android Details

- Code Name: DreamDroid v. 1.15
– Supports Systems : Android 2.2 or higher
– Auto-Updated : YES
– Does it support all gamepads or Xperia play built in gamepad? : YES / Supports ALL gamepads
– Saving game in every moment

dreamdroid Dreamcast Emulator For Android

Dreamcast Emulator For Android Requirements

- 800 MHz CPU
– Video acceleration: shared kernel driver with associated X driver; OpenGL, ES/EGL
– Storage: 45MB for an APP fILES
– HDMI: video-out with secondary framebuffer device
– USB host mode
– 512 MB RAM

How To Use Dreamcast Emulator For Android

1. Download required files from our site.
2. Send It to the phone via USB/Bluetooth. Any other method.
3. Just Install it by opening it in your file manager programme.
4. Open the „DreamDroid” icon, You’ll be taken to the „Select Rom” Section. Just load the games here. Our tool supports only ISOs and zips.
5. Have fun playing dreamcast games!

craxy taxi xbla psn not golden axe1 300x168 Dreamcast Emulator For Android
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green color download button Dreamcast Emulator For Androidgreen color download button Dreamcast Emulator For Android

7 comments to Dreamcast Emulator For Android

  • George s  says:

    oh, it really workd! I never thought that android devices may emulate DC.

  • Kamille  says:

    Dreamcast is such as underrated console :( Games was great and now I have an opportunity to play it!

  • MasterC  says:

    Loved your emulator! Many games works on my Galaxy Ace!

  • Raekw00n  says:

    Not too much people remember Dreamcat these days :( It’s sad for me because I’m a really big fan of Sega. Emu is perfect!

  • illya  says:


  • brian  says:

    this works heh

  • Ben  says:

    Please keep working on this. I would love to play sonic adventure on my xperia play. :)

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